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Aimpoint® Electronic Red dot reflex sight  - 1
Aimpoint® Electronic Red dot reflex sight  - 2

Intended use

  • Hunting


  • Shooting Sports

    Shooting Sports

Aimpoint® ElectronicRed dot reflex sight


  • Aimpoint® Electronic - the first ever made red dot sight in the world!

  • Designed for use with Weaver bases

  • Equipped with polarizing filters

  • Battery type: RM1N (2 pcs) - Very difficult to find!

Product description

The first ever made red dot sight in the world!

Aimpoint® Electronic is the history's first red dot sight. It was invented at Aimpoint in 1974 and launched in 1975. Believe it or not, 45 years later, there are quite a few Electronic that are out there still functioning perfectly! This is quite of a performance. The sight ran originally on 2 mercury batteries av type PX1 which brings the weight of the sight with batteries to 349 g.

Specifications & documents

  • General specifications
  • Optical Information
  • Power Source Information
  • Technology Information
  • Documents and zeroing targets

General specifications

1X - No Magnification

Optical Information

* MOA (minute of angle)
1 MOA ≈ 30 mm at 100 meters ≈ 1 in at 100 yards
1X - No Magnification
Dot color

Power Source Information

Battery type
RM1N - Very hard to find!
Power switch
Rotary Switch

Technology Information

Operating principle
Reflex collimator sight - red dot sight

Documents and zeroing targets