In 2018 Aimpoint transformed pistol sights with the introduction of the Acro™ series sights. The Aimpoint® Acro was the first fully enclosed emitter design and created a new category of red dot pistol optics. The enclosed design protects the dot from mud, debris, or any foreign objects that could block the emitter. It ensures that you always have the red dot with you when you need it.

In our search for perfection, we scrutinized every aspect of the sight and in the hands of our skilled engineers the Aimpoint Acro system emerged, and in 2021 the Acro next generation was born.


The first thing that we locked down was that the Aimpoint Acro next generation should have the same size and weight, but with increased strength and durability. 

When we set out on this incredible engineering journey – everything had to be redesigned, optimized, calibrated, and tested over and over and over- like all Aimpoint sights.

It paid off and that is what we call the Acro Advantage -  Among several improvements, we did fit in the larger CR2032 battery without compromising the technical specifications providing 50,000 hours of continuous-on. We also introduced the latest LED technology and entirely new electric circuitry.

Many mounting solutions are now available making all the Acro sights usable on most pistols but also on carbines and many hunting rifles. Acro series sights is the smallest and lightest series of sights in the Aimpoint product portfolio but also the smallest professional grade, enclosed red dot sights for pistols and other platforms available on the market today. 
Proven to stand up to extreme levels of vibration and environmental conditions, the Acro series is built to exceed the demands of all its potential users. 

  • Easy change of the battery - the battery is sealed on the side of the sight and is accessible without removing the sight from the weapon keeping the sight always ready always on.
  • 5 Years on one single battery – for your peace of mind – now with a CR2032 battery
  • Stands the heaviest recoils - proven to withstand the brutal recoil of over 20,000 rounds of .40 S&W caliber pistol ammunition.
  • Submersible – can be submerged to 25 m depending on the models.
  • Enclosed design for peace of mind - with all electronic components safely sealed within the enclosed housing it is impossible for environmental elements or contaminants to interfere in the path between the LED emitter and reflective lens.
  • 3.5 MOA (Minute of Angle) red dot - which delivers a combination of fast target acquisition on close targets, while providing accuracy at extended range.
  • On a magnifying scope - can be used as a secondary optic for close range situations. 
  • Sport shooting - 2 sights on the same rifle – one mounted on the rail, one on a 45-degree position to cover ranges from 2 – 100 meters.
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